[Anime] Baccano!!

While viewing the Winter 2009/2010 anime schedule, Durarara!! caught my attention with nice artwork for a promotional poster and of course, me being me, I Googled Durarara!! up and found out that it is based on a light novel written by Narita Ryohgo and after further “research” I found out that an anime based on his previous work, Baccano!! has also been adapted into a 13-episode-anime with additional 3 episodes of OVA and it’s a hit. As always, my curiosity got the better of me and I gave the series a shot.

My thoughts:

I don’t quite know where the story was going at first. It begins on the transcontinental train, the Flying Pussyfoot and then we see the same character off the train with something else going on. Not quite sure if it’s just me or the story is just plain confusing and was all over the place. One minute events that occurred in the year 1930 is shown and in the next minute, it’s 1931. What on earth is actually going on? And then there’s this girl Chane Laforet who agrees to date Claire Stanfield who had murdered a number of Flying Pussyfoot passengers in a brutal manner. It was a love at first sight, or so he says. Hmm…

Comic relief comes mostly from the comical duo, Isaac and Miria. Occasionally, they would steal, usually useless and non-valuable items and as such, they are often known as the idiot thief. Heck, they are already a pair of idiots as they are. I did get annoyed by their antics in the beginning but as the story goes on, I find them funny in a good way.

Do I like it or hate it? In all honesty, I’m not quite sure if I like it but then again, I don’t think that I hate it. One thing that is certain is that this anime is not one that I would consider watching again.

Note: More info is available on Wikipedia.


2 thoughts on “[Anime] Baccano!!

  1. I’d say, to completely understand Baccano! you need to watch it once, then again. It all makes a lot of sense and you can see that there is a lot more behind it that what you initially have picked up. Like, the original immortals are from back in the 17 or 1800’s and were alchemists coming from England to the Americas. Most of them became immortal on accident. Sylizard (sp?) created more of the elixer and it got passed around to all the characters – lol. You should really re-watch it, and try to understand it, before you post something like this.

    • nightfox says:

      You have a point there. Judging it before giving it a second go probably won’t do it any justice but really, I was just expressing my opinion in regard of this anime at that time. I apologize if I offend you (and other Baccano!! fans) in any way.

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