[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 10

Kirihara Misaki was taking a breather when she found Suou and July sleeping by the vending machine. Had she not found them just then, they might just freeze to death. After getting them properly fed, they headed over to Suou’s (and Shion’s) mother’s place to question her further on Dr. Pavlichenko and what had happened back in Russia.

Turns out that Mao and Suou’s mother have met before, back when Mao still have a human body.

By their second encounter, Mao has joined the Syndicate as a contractor and they met again in the university grounds in Russia. The event that follows after this explains a lot on why Mao doesn’t have a human body or rather, why he no longer have his human body.

Suou’s mom had just wanted to bring over lunchbox to her husband who was working diligently in the university labs. She waited for her husband at an empty room together with the twins, Suou and Shion, folding paper cranes when Shion has the urge to pee. Choosing to stay behind instead of following to the washroom, Suou’s fate is sealed when an explosion occurs killing her instantly along with Mao’s body. The next thing she saw, Suou’s lifeless body was lying on the table as if waiting to be experimented on. My guessing is that Dr. Pavlichenko had intended to bring her back to life but before he could do anything, she snatched Suou’s remains and flew back to Japan and had her cremated while Shion chose to stay behind with his father, Dr. Pavlichenko.

This certainly explains why she freaked out the moment Suou said that she’s Suou. If she has indeed had Suou cremated, there’s no way that the Suou in front of her is the real Suou which only leaves one explanation – the Suou that we see since the first episode is a clone.

Meanwhile, at some place else, Hei interrogated Youko on Yin aka Izanami’s whereabouts.

After doing what he had set out to to, he proceeded in retrieving Suou and July back from Kirihara. When she saw Hei, instead of referring to him by his codename, she called him Li-kun. Hmm…a sign of lingering affections?

Eventually, Hazuki found the place where Hei had held Youko captive but she was too late as Youko is already dead, presumably to be murdered by Hei. In Hazuki’s part, it only make sense that BK-201 murdered her but I think otherwise as Hei is not one who would kill senselessly without reason.

Suou is now reunited back with Hei and began to pour all her feelings out only to be shot down by Hei. Poor girl. Hei and her are just not meant to be.

Towards the end of the episode, orange-coloured moon appears. It’s definitely a sign of bigger things to come. Possibly related to Izanami and Izanagi.

In conclusion:

– The Suou that we have been seeing since the first episode is probably a clone as the real Suou is dead in the explosion.

– Mao is able to transfer his “soul” to other living vessel. At the event of his soul still residing in a cat’s body, his actual body has perished in the explosion and as a result, he’s stuck in a cat’s body until recently with no body to return to. Poor fella.


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