[J-Drama] Tokyo DOGS

Takakura So (Oguri Shun) has been discharged from the NYPD (yes, it’s the same New York Police Department) after a major screw-up involving a drug lord codenamed Jinno despite being one of those elites destined for greater things in life (I may have exaggerate a little bit here). After his discharge, he returned home to Tokyo, Japan where he serves as a detective with the goal of capturing Jinno in mind. To him, capturing Jinno is personal; as a young boy, he saw his own father (also a cop) being gunned down by Jinno and ever since then, he’s all out on revenge as well as to claim justice for his father.

Partnered with Takakura is a hot-headed-ex-gang-member detective Maruo (Mizushima Hiro). Unlike Takakura the elite, Maruo often acts without much thought, much to Takakura’s annoyance and needless to say, they don’t get along. There isn’t a single day that they don’t bicker (usually about the most unusual issues that you wouldn’t dream cops would talk about) but it was their bickering about the most petty issues that provides the comic relief throughout the series.

Matsunaga Yuki (Yoshitaka Yuriko) is an amnesiac believed to have something to do with Jinno and his ops and for the sole purpose of extracting information out of her, she is put under their custody 24/7 in case she regains her memory. She is also deemed to be valuable to Jinno and as such, she is being pursued by both sides. And so, for safety reasons, she is to live with Takakura and Marou under the same roof, at least until they make it certain that she is no longer in danger.


My thoughts:

I was expecting something serious out this drama but in all seriousness, there are funny moments as well such as when Takakura’s mother always calls him when he’s on the job but regardless of the situation, he never fails to take her calls and promises to call her back.

And then there are the constant bickering between Takakura and Marou; they always argue about the darnest things! Seeing as Takakura has spent much of his time in America, he wouldn’t understand Japanese puns that Maruo said most of the time and this becomes one of the running gag throughout the series.

Tokyo DOGS is the second cop drama that I enjoy watching (the other being BOSS) but of course, in all honesty, I wouldn’t have found out the existence of it if I wasn’t a fan of the lead actors. Gorgeous lead actors aside, it’s the humour that I like. One usually don’t expect much humour in cop dramas but in Tokyo DOGS, the humour is well-placed and is much needed amidst all the tension.

Note: Info and image taken from Drama Wiki.


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