[Manhwa] I Wish… (SEO Hyun-Joo)

Jin Ryu is pissed to no end when her parents, along with her brother jetted off to Hawaii for vacation, minus her. In anger, she wished that the plane that they were in will crash…and it did. Of course, like the rest of us who may have said what we don’t mean when we are in anger, she did not wish for her family’s death and she’s regretting it now. As much as she regret what she had said, or rather, wished, that will not bring back her family to live.

K is a wizard who is able to grants people’s wish at a price. Once a wish is granted, the person will have to pay with his/her most precious thing and on the other hand, if K fails to have the wish granted, he will die.

And so, Jin Ryu sees K with the hopes of reviving her dead family. One thing led to another and somehow, Jin Ryu ended up becoming K’s personal servant.


I Wish… is a reminiscent of xxxHolic, if you ask me. Both are similar in the sense that both features a main character that grants people’s wishes. In xxxHolic’s case, only those who have wish to be granted is able to see the existence of Yuuko’s (now Watanuki’s) shop and thus get their wish granted in exchange of something precious/important to them. As for I Wish… K is a wizard who grants wishes and those who want their wish granted sees him and he’ll get their wishes granted using magic. Being a fan of xxxHolic, I’m probably biased when I that I prefer xxxHolic over I Wish… but when I began reading it, I thought, as similar as they may come, I Wish… has its own charm that sets it apart from xxxHolic.

So anyways, before this post becomes a xxxHolic versus I Wish… post (which is not intended on my part), I had better get straight to the point.

I Wish… features stories on K’s various clients and we readers also get a glimpse on his past as well as those who are of the same race as him. And true to its genre (tragedy), parts of the story is indeed what one would consider as tragic starting off with the death of J (I think it’s J; correct me if you think I get it wrong) who falls in love with his apprentice who in turn, turns to dust just after she delivered her beloved J’s ashes to K. Apparently, K’s race do not know how to love but if they do, they will die by turning into dust and as for their partner, they too, may die as their heart can never let go their loved ones who died before them (makes sense, no?).

Fortunately (I’m not too fond of stories that ends badly, especially one where the good guys die), not every story in the manhwa series has tragedy as its theme. There are some happy endings too. One such story is about a girl who falls in love at first sight with a guy who happens to be mute (this one is my favourite).


They first met in the bus (or so the girl thought) but it ended in a blunder when she fell flat on her face with her undies exposed when the bus shook right in front of the guy that she’s crushing on. Of course, being in an embarrassing situation like this, her reflex is to run and hide herself in the face of the earth, away from the guy she’s crushing on and just on the right time, the sky has grown dark due to the eclipse.

Thinking that they couldn’t possibly meet again, she reinvented herself when she entered high school and as fate would have it, they met again when the guy transferred into her school. Being this close to him, she didn’t waste a second to confess to him but got rejected instead. Still, even after the rejection, they remain close friends to this day.

Years later, we see that the girl is now a young and successful attorney winning every case that she takes on but sadly for her, the one thing that she didn’t manage to win is the guy’s heart. Speaking of the guy, he has since became a successful pianist and not a single time that the girl would miss his performance. Yes, even after they have entered adulthood, she’s still very much in love with him but resisted in confessing again fearing another rejection.

But when her mother forced her to go to marriage interviews she decided that she must do something about her love for that guy and so, she proposed to him. Her mother opposed her decision as she doesn’t approve of her together, much less, marrying a mute guy no matter how rich or successful he is. At the same time, the guy, again rejected her proposal. And so, after getting rejected for the second time, she lost hope and gave in to her mother’s whims and agrees to marry the guy that she chose for her.

Even after he rejected her proposal, the guy still accepts her wedding invitation to perform. Upon seeing him, the girl began to lose it and decides to run off with the one she loves. As it turns out, the guy have been in love with her longer than she did. According to him, he first saw her in middle school (or was it the kindergarten?) and fell for her tough-girl act (well, she is tough and strong). He continued liking her secretly to the point of transferring to her high school. He was happy when she confessed to him but being mute, he thought that he may trouble her a lot, he rejected her confession.

At the end of this story (there are many other stories told in I Wish…), the girl realised that the one thing she wanted most is to hear his voice. K granted her wish and the first word that came out from the once-mute guy is the girl’s name. Sweet 😀


This is just one of the many stories told in I Wish… and this is my favourite thus far (I’m still on the fifth volume out of the total seven volumes). After reading this, I figured that this one is worth reading and may be very well on the same par as xxxHolic (oops, here I go comparing the two again which I shouldn’t). But then again, they each have their own charms to them and I enjoy reading both series tremendously.

And now, I’m off to finish the remaining volumes. Till my next post, ciao!


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