[Anime] Nodame Cantabile Finale – Episode 1

Chiaki was busy preparing for his next upcoming concert and to do so without interruptions from fellow boarders who are also music students, he decided to stay at Nina’s (one of the respected piano maestro) place hard at work in making the concert another success to the point of falling sick.

The concert was indeed a success. It was amazing how Chiaki could conduct the orchestra while playing the piano at the same time for the piano concerto.

Chiaki is not the only one hard-at-work. While he was away at Nina’s place, Nodame too, is trying her very best in catching up to her conductor-cum-pianist extraordinaire in order to earn her right to perform next to Chiaki though she has to put up with canned food for the next few days. As such, she ignored Chiaki’s attention and started to head over to college early in the morning for practice and stayed back for the same purpose.

The “BL” Moments

One day, when he couldn’t get Nodame, he invited the first person that he saw to lunch (who does that?) and that person happens to be Yun Long. At first he didn’t suspect anything amiss (it was just a lunch, right?) and went along with him. By the time he got back, he almost collapsed from indigestion as a result of the lunch outing with Chiaki. When probed by Tanya, he began to relate his day and here’s how it goes: they had lunch and during lunch, Chiaki acts as the perfect gentleman. From lunch, they progressed to movie and what’s more, it’s a love story! Apparently, Shaolin Samurai (or something like that) isn’t showing and the rest were animes which are not to their liking and that’s how they winded up watching a love story. Chiaki’s gentlemanly manner doesn’t just stop there; as Yun Long was almost knocked down by a cyclist, Chiaki clutched his arms just in the nick of time in a way that most guy would do for a girl. Suspicious? Lol. Of course, Chiaki doesn’t swing that way but it does seem that Yun Long may just fall for him (kidding!).

Other funny moments:

Nodame’s clock keep showing 3 o’clock and by the time she realised that she has yet to replace the batteries she’s already late for Chiaki’s concert. In haste, she literally threw her shirt and bra in the air. Lol. Her expression was priceless.



Overall, it is an entertaining episode but then again, I may be biased since I’m a huge fan of the series. Am definitely looking forward to watch the rest of the episodes to come.


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