Junjou Romantica Act 21: Another suitor for Misaki?

Initially, Misaki had planned to go to Fukuoka with his college friend for the meet-and-greet session with his favourite mangaka (remember the messy-looking discouraged mangaka who finally pick himself up after Misaki said few words of encouragement to him?) and meet up with a friend who is also a fellow fan of Ijuuin-sensei. In the end, as much as Misake forbade them from tagging along, the whole Usami clan (Akihiko, Kaoruko, and Mizuki) came along via first class flight anyway.

Speaking of the mangaka in question, it turns out that instead of a dishevelled mangaka he once looked like (as a result of a slump or what I would say as a writer’s block), Ijuuin-sensei is one heck of a hottie that even rivals the great Usami Akihiko that girls would queue from a mile away just to see him.

Upon seeing Misaki, Ijuuin-sensei remembers vaguely that they had met once at the editorial office and when he recalls that Misaki was the one who got him out of the slump, he took a liking for him.

Now that another “flea” is targeting Misaki (it was so obvious despite Misaki himself being oblivious about it), what would the great Usagi-sensei (who’s obviously mad with jealousy) do?



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