Nodame Cantabile Finale – Episode 2

Chiaki decided to move out of the apartment (owned by his mother) and go independent by getting an apartment of his own, reducing Nodame to tears when she heard about it when she overheard Chiaki’s conversation with a piano tuner who came over. Either way, he’s still moving out but insists that nothing will ever change between them even if they are no longer living next door to each other.

Much of this episode is focused on Son Rui who is currently studying at the same conservatoire as Nodame under Prof. Auclair’s private tutelage. Apparently, she has been assigned to a different professor that she wanted (she wanted Auclair) and in the end, she decided to have her way by “bribing” the professor with food and sweets. Lol. However, she still feels that Auclair isn’t taking her seriously as all he talks to her about is food and stuffs that are not related to music. She’s especially pissed when she sees that Auclair is actually teaching Nodame but with her, it is nothing of that sort.

Already annoyed to no end when Auclair made her leave for interrupting his lesson with Nodame, her mom showed up at her doorstep without telling her and what’s more, her mom came with performance invites and insisted that she choose any one of those seeing as she has already took one year off. In anger, she rushed out of her apartment without taking her handbag (or the salmon sandwich that she bought earlier) she realised that she’s hungry when her stomach gave in. She flipped out her cellphone and scrolls through her contact list and guess who it landed on? It’s Chiaki, no less. Hmm…could it be that she has a thing for Chiaki?

Some random moments…

Nodame’s “Last Supper” (after she found out that Chiaki’s moving out)

“Nodame is your angel”

Son Rui Cantabile (of cooking)


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