Nodame Cantabile – Opera Hen Chapter 1

It has been a while since Nodame graduated from the conservatory in Paris and from the looks of it, it is official that Chiaki and Nodame are now an item.

Speaking of Chiaki, he has since made a name for himself without the influence of his famous pianist father, Masayuki. And lately, he’s into opera (hence the title?) and he wishes to conduct one.

His wish to conduct an opera came true when Mine called him from Japan to invite him to conduct the opera that Rising Star is asked to perform. Without a second thought, he accepted the invitation and is now on his way back to his homeland, the land of the rising sun.

Nodame too, has been performing in concerts and functions since her graduation. Naturally, he followed her beloved sempai back to Japan with plans of making a grand entrance. In the end, the one who made a grand entrance back home is Kuroki who brought back Tanya dubbed as the blue-eyed blonde beauty.


Before reading this, I had expected the sequel of some sort to debut with a bang but in the end, it was just so-so. Still, this is only the first chapter (overall, this will be a one-volume sequel) and perhaps by the end of it, we’ll get to see Chiaki and Nodame on the same stage. My wishful thinking on my part but if the author make that happen, it won’t be, not anymore 😀


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