Kuroshitsuji II: New casts?

It is revealed recently that a new pair of master-butler will be introduced in the upcoming second season of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) due to be aired in this coming July. I was flabbergasted for a moment as I read that piece of news but hey, my favourite seiyuu, Takahiro Sakurai will be lending his voice to the new butler, Claude Faustus (while Nana Mizuki voices the master, Alois Trancy). Not too bad, eh?

Needless to say, the news is not well-received by some quarters with some saying that they would rather stick with the manga. Then again, why the criticisms when it is not even aired yet? For all we know, it could be a blast even with the new additions.

So, my question now is, will Sebastian and Ciel return in the next season or the second season will be a spin-off of some sort featuring another demonic butler and twisted young boy as the master? Then, did Ciel “died” and surrendered his soul to Sebastian in the first season?

As of now, nothing much is known about the production of Kuroshitsuji season 2 except for the new casts line-up. And oh, a rough sketch of the two new characters is also unveiled.

Hmm. It seems to me that the butler is not much different from Sebastian or rather, he’s a glasses-wearing version of Sebastian.

And seeing as Toboso Yana drew the characters personally, my guess is that the second series will kick off with a new pair of master-butler but as of now, nothing is certain as of yet.

But one thing’s certain is that come July, I have something to look forward to 😀



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