Kuroshitsuji Chapter 42: Is Sebastian dead for real?

In the previous chapter, Sebastian is found dead presumably murdered by the same murderer who killed Lord Siemens (back in Chapter 40). Before he supposedly died, he has set up some instructions for the Phantomhive household servants.

In chapter 42, Sebastian is said to have been stabbed and hit on the head and from there, the master writer speculates that he may have been killed by multiple assailants. In the wake of Sebastian’s “death”, Ciel had the butler Tanaka-san replaced the “deceased”  as his main butler and oddly enough, Tanaka-san appeared to be normal as opposed to the tea-sipping chibi version of him that we usually see. I guess that when the situation requires it, Tanaka will be back to his normal self.

Although the murderer(s) is still at large, the day resumed as per normal. Dinner is served promptly and all guests are present at the dining table except for one. And so, in the pouring, thundering rain, a third murder is committed when the body of the missing guest is found.

In the final scene of this chapter, the owl that Sebastian entrusted to Mei Lin flew out with a letter strapped on its leg as instructed. I wonder, what is the contents of the letter and to whom the letter was addressed to…


My thoughts:

Me thinks that the part where Sebastian is supposedly dead by murder is staged by both himself and Ciel to lure out the murderer. Either way, I doubt that Sebastian will die easily seeing as he is a demon and all.


Note: This post is written based on Kuroshitsuji chapter 42 scanlated by Bleach Asylum.


22 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Chapter 42: Is Sebastian dead for real?

  1. Carolina says:

    Isnt it like that one game where theres a party and then someone dies so the guests have to guess who is the murderer? or maybe its fake like the murders and al the guests and ciel are in on it except for the writer guy cuz Ciel was ordered to entertain him byt the queen remember? idk i hope its all fake Sebby-chan cant die hes a demon hes dead already.

    • nightfox says:

      You could be right. Seriously, Sebastian couldn’t be dead seeing as he is a demon and moreover, there wouldn’t be much of a story if Sebastian is dead.

    • Azuki says:

      Oh god this is just like Detective Conan Cases! Lol But I doubt Sebastian died cause he’s a demon right? Come on he got shot before and stood right back up. I think it was a Sebastian dummy or something… >.>

  2. On the last page of chapter 40, you can see the shadow of the murderer behind Sebastian while he’s at the hearth. http://www.onemanga.com/Kuroshitsuji/40/36/ Though I can’t make a connection between the figure and any one of the guests, one of my guesses is that it could be Ash – I believe is his name? – because the cover page of chapter 41 depicts him, with the text ‘The unhesitating, absolutely white blade’ underneath ‘That Butler, Death’. However, I can’t figure out what his motive could be.

    My other guess, is that it’s William T. Spears – or Grim -. Sebastian and Ciel burnt down Baron Kelvin’s mansion, with all of the innocent children remaining inside because Ciel says that children like that can never go back to being regular humans. Grim strictly requested that Sebby didn’t interfere with his work, and also mentioned that he had to go through a lot because of them carelessly killing people – amongst some other things, that have managed to slip my mind, but you get the point.

    What I don’t understand, is that it clearly shows the figure – and then what appears to be blood splatter? – in chapter 40, which is before the time that Sebastian instructs the Phantomhive household as to what to do in the morning and what their schedule is. So perhaps Sebastian takes care of the murderer before he can get to anyone else? But then that would mean that reinforcements were sent in to kill Sebastian afterwords, or he killed himself so that Ciel would no longer be put in harm’s way?

    I’m sorry – I think I just made it more confusing! >w< But my guess(es) is as good as yours, and we just have to hold on for a few more days until the next chapter is released before we can decide, if it even is mentioned in that time… Good luck trying to figure things out!

  3. Antanasia says:

    I think Sebastian is dead……or Ciel is the worlds best actor. How do you explain Ciels outburst at seeing him dead?

  4. Freya says:

    Pfft!! I know Sebastian ain’t dead. If he is, the mangaka screwed up big time. Sebastian’s been shot, and bit by a Tiger, and attacked by Grell. He survived them all, he healed. You can’t tell me a fireplace poker can kill that man. xD Lmao. I am just curious to see what happens next. >.< I can't wait!!

  5. I don’t think he’s dead. I’ve a theory that he did that to relieve Ciel (and himself) of the suspicions, although the latter is blatantly ignorant because he has his own plans. 🙂 . Also, I don’t believe that he could die easily. He’s had a bullet shot through him, I think, yet he’s still alive and is still the perfect butler.

    I’ve had the inkling that he couldn’t be dead since he had asked the servants to prepare for three days. I’m guessing that he’d be back within that time (or so), otherwise, the manga-ka should change the title ‘Black Butler’ to something else. 😉

  6. Kaida says:

    I’ve got a short and sweet theory…

    Sebstian is alive and either he killed himself or he made himself a good target in order to take the blame from Ciel. Especially seeing as how he IS the perfect butler. Anyone else see him doing that?

    Well thats my opinoin anyway…. besides..he can’t be dead. He is way too important. (and the contract forbids him from dying.)

  7. Hmm…even if Sebastian really IS just feigning death, he’d have to “come back” sooner or later and it’d have to be revealed to the other Phantomhive servants that he’s, at the least, not human. Otherwise there’s a giant mess to keep it a secret throughout the story, y’know?

    I don’t think he’s DEAD dead; maybe someone stunned him or weakened him or put him into some kind of coma using some sort of curse/spell, cause there are plenty of things that supposedly ward off/weaken demons (like garlic with vampires or incantations for spirits), so maybe whoever “killed” him used something like that.

    …but then again, that’s just my opinion. 😛

  8. SophLovesSebastian says:

    I Think Sebastian AIN’T DEAD!! Because He Has Had His Arm Ripped Off…Bitten… Shot A Multiple Of Times And Aswell If Any Of You Remember When Ciel Got Abducted By That Company Thing When Sebastian Came To Save Him He Got Shot Loads And Coughed Up All The Bullets xD Best Ever Scene!! But Still….. Yah Get Wot I Mean! HE CAN’T BE DEAD HE PROMISED CIEL THAT HE WILL ALWAYS BE BY HIS SIDE AND THAT HE WILL NEVER LEAVE HIM EVER!!! 😥 It Not Fair If He Is Dead Then Someone Is Messed Up xD x

  9. Loveless says:

    Im really sure he is noot deaad..he cant be
    that death is just to cheap
    if he dies ( which he wont) would it not be like more dramatiic?
    well i think..like everybody says he cant just die like that
    tat would make the mangaa soo less intresting
    buut i thiink hes not dead and ciel knows his not dead
    becouse if sebastian dies the mark of the contract woud be gone woudinit?
    maybe ciel just acted out the part were he freaked out xD
    or he just really just freaked out in the moment
    buut one thing is for suree
    he is nooot deaad~!! xD

  10. SophLovesSebastian says:

    Yeh It Would Be More Dramatic Your Rite 😀 x
    Also Your Right On The Fact That The Mark Would Be Gone Because It Is Impossible For It Too Go On If Darlin Sebastian Is …. I Can’t Say It Anymore
    The Manga is already boring without him :O xx

  11. Momoka says:

    I think Sebastian can’t be dead…he is a demon…
    I found something really strange.
    In chapter 38 (page 21) ciel says something like: tell Lao and Undertaker.
    I can see Lao at the party but…Where is the Undertaker??
    I thought Undertaker was the murderer but he can’t be because we can see the eyes of the murderer in the last page of chapter 40 and it’s impossible to se Undertaker’s eyes…

    (Sorry,i know my english is horrible )

  12. LoveLess says:

    i knew that sebastian was not dead ^^
    that pastor jermeny was suspicious .. i kind of guested it was sebastian xD
    now i think that sebastian and ciel planed this for mr wordsmith somehow
    u were right ^^

  13. Did anyone make the connection with the 3 days thing? I think that Sebby is making fun of Christ. He practically told the servants he would be back in 3 days. (Prep. plans) Also, violates contract. Plus no story if he died. He probably staged it without telling Ciel.

  14. G says:

    I doubt Sebastian is really dead. I think it’s an act by Sebastian to lure out the murderer. I don’t think Ciel knows about Sebastian’s plan.

  15. llala says:

    Err.. It is said in that only a reapers scythe can kill demons in black butler so he may actually be dead if killed by a reaper.

  16. victoria says:

    he is not dead i was at barns and nobles there is a page at the end where he pulls of a mask as another butler i forgot who but i made a big seen and got kicked out of the store

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