Spring 2010 Anime

Spring is here, and so is the list of anime set to be aired in the season where flowers are blooming.

[Click to enlarge]










I see that this time around there aren’t many animes that are of my liking but it could be a blessing in disguise seeing as I don’t have much time in my hands anyways these days. But I will certainly spare some limited time on Kaichou wa Maid-sama (am currently following the manga series) and Uragiri boku wa Namae wo Shitteru or loosely translated as Betrayal Knows My Name (I’m a fan of Odagiri Hotaru, the original author of this series among few others).

And by the way, there’s another Nodame OVA set to be released in April. Am definitely looking forward to that as well.

Note: Image taken from here.


One thought on “Spring 2010 Anime

  1. Kaichou wa Maid-sama ok but then you have read the manga and you know that is going to happen its not as fun to watch as it could be..
    my favo of the spring anime is Hakuouki i just LOVE it ^_^ Bishounen, Samurai, supernatural and more XD

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