Nodame Cantabile Finale Episode 6

See? Chiaki can be really sweet if he wants to. And he certainly cares a lot for Nodame and shows his affection in his own non-conventional way. He even sacrificed his meeting with Vierra, a maestro whom he respect very much just for the sake of helping Nodame study. But in the end, he helped her too much that she gets annoyed and tells him that rabbits too need to take a break at one point (she’s referring to the tale of the tortoise and the rabbit).


When Nodame found out that Chiaki will be performing the same music as she was enthusiastic about with Son Rui…

Chiaki staying over at Nodame’s helping her study…

Chiaki’s reaction when he thinks that Nodame might be drowning in the bathtub just as he had at one point had Nodame did not “saved” him.

The oh-so-sweet moment…


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