[Manga] Sugiru Juunana no Haru

The story opens with siblings Naoki and Noriko visiting their cousin, Takashi in the countryside. Everything seems fine until Takashi noticed that his mother seems agitated at the thought of them turning seventeen soon. Even Naoki noticed the change in his aunt’s expression and thought that it was rather strange. On top of it, Takashi feels a "presence" when night falls. He confided in Naoki about it but they didn’t think too much about it until the next day when Takashi’s behaviour has obviously changed. The good-natured Takashi is gone and in place of the person who once Takashi is a malicious-looking Takashi. The new Takashi seems to despise his mother and even attempted to kill her once. Seeing all that, Naoki was convinced that there was someone else inside Takashi controlling his every being. Turns out that there is a reason behind all that and Naoki’s mom seems to know something about it but died without saying anything about it. Even after his mother’s death, Takashi’s behaviour does seem to disappear anytime soon. Pissed with his cousin, Naoki left the house with his sister.

Still suspicious over the incident that took place at Takashi’s, Naoki did some digging of his own and found out some disturbing information about the Sugita’s (Takashi’s last name is Sugita). Every first-born Sugita will murder their mother and subsequently kill himself upon turning seventeen and the same happened to Takashi’s uncle years ago. After reflecting on what had happened, it all starting to make sense – Takashi is a Sugita first-born and has turned seventeen. He attempted in killing his own mother but failed when the latter committed suicide.


An interesting read never short of suspense, I would say. What kept me reading this is the suspense and the part where it is revealed that there’s a curse going on in the family. Wanting to know more of the story behind the curse I kept going and thankfully the story crafted by Ono Fuyumi didn’t fail. Trust me, the story behind the curse may seem generic but it was an interesting read till the end nonetheless. The only one thing that I don’t really get is the whole blood-type thing seeing as the last time I touched Biology is back in high school. No matter, the story managed to keep me reading till the end, which is good since I hate not finishing what I’ve started.

Note: This post is written based on volumes 1 and 2 scanlated by Bliss.


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