[Manga] Orange Chocolate (Yamada Nanpei)

Orange Chocolate is not what expect it to be. I had expect it to be yet another shoujo fluff and dismissed it without even read the first chapter. Good thing that I changed my mind about it while it’s still hot. Lol.

Ritsu is an heir of a family of traditional nichibu dancers and naturally, Ritsu has been groomed to be the next successor and he seems to have a natural talent for it. Indeed, he has grown up to be a fine dancer and on top of that, he often graced the television screen as a popular onnagata (female impersonator).

Chiro and Ritsu are childhood friends who grew up together next door to each other. Being an amateur dancer herself, she wished that she could be just like Ritsu and what do you know, her wish got granted (technically) when their bodies got switched just before Ritsu’s scheduled video shoot.


In short, Orange Chocolate depicts Ritsu’s romantic development with his childhood friend, Chiro with nichibu dancing as the story’s backdrop. I especially like it when Ritsu protests (while still in Chiro’s body) when Chiro (in Ritsu’s body) is being touched by the student council president. With this, it’s obvious that Ritsu harbours romantic feeling towards Chiro who seems oblivious about it.

Many might dismissed Chiro as yet another airhead of a female character but personally, I find her personality rather likable though occasionally I wished that she would stop referring to herself as a third person in conversations. 

Note: This post is written based on Orange Chocolate scanlations by Omari’s Sister. Many thanks to her for introducing this wonderful series to non-Japanese speaking readers.


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