[Manga] Hana no Kishi (NIshikata Mai)

I am somewhat of a fan of Nishikata Mai after reading Venus Capriccio. Typical shoujo, probably but I enjoyed reading it a lot. As of her latest effort Hana no Kishi, I have mixed feelings about it.

Basically, it revolves around a lady from one of those distinguished wealthy family and the butler who serves her. Both are still high school students and even at school, the butler does his duty perfectly in protecting and serving his lady. At this point, my mind was saying, “It’s definitely a forbidden love between a butler and his lady” and little did I know, the butler isn’t what he seems.

Along came the lady’s fiancé who is also a student in the same school. Like his fiancée, he is also from a distinguished family but unlike his almost lady-like fiancée, he is most unrefined to the point that no one would have thought or even believed that he is from one of those wealthy family.

After they both (the fiancé and the butler) had a scuffle, it is revealed that the butler is a she. Indeed, nothing is what it seems.



After reading the first chapter, here’s what I think could happen:

  • Those three form a love triangle
  • The lady’s fiancé is in love with his fiancée’s “butler” but his fiancée wouldn’t allow it.
  • The lady isn’t in love with her parents’ chosen fiancé thus gave her blessings to her fiancé and her butler.

Don’t mind me. It’s just a speculation on my part. I don’t know what’s going to happen next and as of now, I certainly would love to get my hands on the next chapter (translated to English of course). As of chapter 1, I still don’t see how Hana no Kishi would be better than Venus Capriccio but we’ll see. It’s only the first chapter after all.


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