Nodame Cantabile Finale Episode 8

For some reason, this episode made me emotional. Well, somewhat. But no, I don’t have a gorgeous boyfriend for an orchestra conductor who performs a piano concerto together with another girl when I have specifically told him that it is my ultimate dream to someday perform on the very same stage as him. So anyways, on to the latest episode of Nodame Cantabile Finale.

Chiaki was specially asked to conduct a piano concerto in which Rui is to perform. And what’s more, the piece that they are going to perform is the one that Nodame felt enthusiastic about earlier on. Because of that, Chiaki finds it difficult to break the news of his upcoming orchestra performance with Rui to Nodame. Either way, Nodame still found out about it in the end and needless to say, she seems rather disappointed thinking that Chiaki pities her that he did not have the heart to tell her.

Still, Nodame acted mature and attends the orchestra performance. She, however, did not meet Chiaki in his dressing room after the performance ended (as she always does). This only means that she’s still not over it.

She did however, dropped by Chiaki’s place and greeted him with a housewifely feeling.

They had dinner and for some reason, Nodame has this pained look on her face. All of the sudden she lunged at Chiaki and started pouring out all her insecurities. What happens next, is reserved to them but we all know that they had definitely done it, judging by their appearance in the next morning, if you get what I mean :p

Chiaki is scheduled to fly over to Italy, no doubt over another job engagement. Before he went out, Nodame stunned him with a marriage proposal. Not knowing what to say, he quickly brushed it off by dismissing it as yet another of her joke and left for Italy.

Nodame was deadly serious about the proposal which was shot down by Chiaki. Just at the moment when she was feeling shitty and vulnerable, Stresemann the infamous philanderer appeared and offered her salvation. If you have read the manga series in which this anime is based on, you would probably know what form of “salvation” that Nodame was offered. Well, if you don’t follow the manga series, stay tuned to the next episode to find out what exactly Nodame does as some sort of a get-back attack to Chiaki.


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