Kuroshitsuji Chapter 43

The third victim was found with puncture wounds on the neck. Bloodsuckers, anyone? Of course, at that time, people are much more informed scientifically as remarked by the wordsmith who quickly dismissed it as nothing more than an occult. And they are now back to square one with the murderer possibly still amongst them.

With the latest commotion, Ciel is surprisingly calm compared to the outburst he had earlier when Sebastian was found dead. “He’s the queen’s dog”, said one of the guest and proceeded to leave before he was being stopped from doing so. Angry that he wasn’t allowed to leave, he attempted in attacking Ciel before Tanaka stepped in and brought him down swiftly without breaking a sweat. Without a doubt, he is a Phantomhive butler.

At the end of this chapter, the mystery remains unsolved and the murderer is still at large.

There are two things that caught my attention in this chapter:

1. Tanaka’s true ability as a Phantomhive butler;

2. Ciel who is strangely calm at the whole murder affair. Could it be that the whole thing was orchestrated by Ciel and Sebastian after all? I guess, we’ll never know about it until the end of this arc.


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