Nodame Cantabile Finale Episode 9

If you recall, after she had a meltdown when Chiaki “turned down” her proposal, she accepted Stresemann’s offer to perform alongside him in a piano concerto and my, did she wowed the audience, including Chiaki.

When she was first introduced to the members of the orchestra that Stresemann would be leading, they were doubtful if this unknown pianist is good enough judging from her child-like appearance. As Chiaki had noted, there must be a reason why Stresemann took her to the stage; as crazy as he may seemed, even Stresemann would not do it just for his own entertainment.

The moment Nodame hit the note, people around her was instantly amazed by her talent, more so during the performance itself. Her Chopin was dubbed as an eccentric one but in a good way. Yes, she had London under her feet.


Great job, Nodame! I feel sorry for the Maestro though, he was literally being taken along for a wild ride by Nodame as noted by Elise. Lol.


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