Bleach Episode 263

Senbonzakura is the perfect embodiment of his stoic master, Byakuya…almost perfect, if I may say so myself. In this episode, we get to know more of Sembonzakura’s true nature which is said to mirror its master.

Contrary to what most people think, Sembonzakura is calm and collected, thus able to solve any problem effectively but in reality, he can be really childish and immature as demonstrated when he had his way with the remote control after seeing Zabimaru handling it. The end result? They got trapped when the security system got activated.


When the captain of the technological department’s zanpaktou showed up, the trio tried to convey their predicament albeit unsuccessfully.

Their situation worsens when Sembonzakura tried to bankai his way out.


At one point, Sembonzakura’s mask cracked and if you think that this time, you’ll get to see his face, you’re dead wrong. Who knew that he carries spare masks around in case things like this happen. Lol. A pity though, I was sure that he’s a looker just like his master.

Turns out that the Technological Department has been spying on Seireitei’s residents’ private lives all this time. Hilarity ensued when Sembonzakura meddled with the control system…

And before they know it, the whole of Seireitei is destroyed.

Renji when found out that the culprit is none other than his zanpaktou got fuming mad.

So, is Senbonzakura as cool as his master? Well, it is said that a shinigami’s zanpaktou is literally a mirror image of its master. Point #1: Byakuya can be short tempered at times when he did not get what he wants. Point #2: When pursuing something, Byakuya will do all he can to obtain it. Lol. Indeed, Byakuya is not as perfect as we all think.

There you go…an episode dedicated to Sembonzakura and Zabimaru who took upon the responsibility to keep Sembonzakura in check. And oh, we get to see young Byakuya 😀


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