[Anime] KHR Episode 178 – Vongola Primo

In this filler episode, Tsuna and his guardians are informed that they required to show their first generation predecessors that they are worthy enough to inherit their superior powers with the help of the Arcobalenos assigned by Reborn.


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and so, there you go, Vongola Primo and his guardians…

From the looks of it, the current Vongola family resembles the first generation Vongola family in terms of appearance, personality and capabilities. Interesting…

Note: Image taken from Reborn Wiki.

Edit #1:

The manga:

Against my better judgement (which is to not start reading another manga unless I complete one), I read the manga which is quite ahead of the anime and what’s more, I only read the chapters where the anime left off and skipped the rest (I did the same for Bleach). My verdict? It was one hell of a ride towards the end of the Future arc where Tsuna finally beat Byakuran and the rest of his minions. Must read from the beginning when I have the time.

And now, off to the Inheritance Ceremony arc…seven transfer students with somewhat similar traits as the 10th Vongola and his guardians. I wonder, who are those transfer students really are? Definitely related to the mafia world.

Some spoilers:

  • Uni was prepared to sacrifice herself to prevent Byakuran from materialising his devious plan. Her faithful follower, Gamma accompanied her to the afterlife. (It was quite heart-wrenching for me…I wonder, was Uni in love with him or something?)
  • Mukuro came back with a bang. For real this time, not some illusion. Apparently, his disciple, Fran (one of the Varias) helped him escape from the prison.

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