[Manga] Hana wa Knife wo Mi ni Matou

From Evil Flowers:
Kako Saeki is a senior in high school. She has been modelling and harbouring her love for her favourite art teacher, Enjoe. Her heart breaks when she finds out that her love is actually engaged. Now, Kako’s innocent love takes a dangerous turn when she finds out who is he engaged to…

[More info available at Baka-Updates]

I don’t usually read shoujo of this nature – obsessive love, psychological theme, basically anything dark and twisty. If it wasn’t for the “attractive” cover, I don’t think I would have picked this title to read. All credits go to the author Sakurada Hina for her beautiful artwork.


At first glance, Kako is one hell of an annoying pest who kept coming on to her art teacher although it is clear that she had been rejected. But then, as I went on reading, I started to feel sorry for her especially after it is revealed that her teacher, Enjoe was engaged to her so-called best friend, Yuri who in turn, “betrayed” her for not telling her anything about it in the first place. To add salt to her injury, Yuri taunted her and told her off saying that Enjoe will never be with her. 

Truthfully, if I were in Kako’s shoes, I would steer clear off my teacher seeing as he is currently “involved” but not Kako. At one point, I had thought that she would actually push her former best friend off the balcony but it was just an illusion – in her mind, she sees herself pushing Yuri to her death. Wow, talk about obsession…

In the end, she decided to put it behind her after her graduation. Still, even as a college student she couldn’t forget her beloved Enjoe-sensei. All the guys that she has dated resemble Enjoe in some ways but alas, none of them is the real thing. But what do you know, Enjoe came into the picture again and invited her to the art exhibition and there it was, the painting that he did with Kako as the subject.

And well, one doesn’t need to guess how this one ends 😀

So, does this manga still considered as dark and twisty? I think not 😀 It’s more like a forbidden love between a student and her teacher who happens to be engaged. Seems dark and twisty in the beginning due to Kako’s obsessive nature who doesn’t seem to be giving up on her love for her teacher anytime soon. Then again, like most typical shoujo mangas, the heroine, Kako gets her guy at the end of the story and this is why I wouldn’t say that it is dark and twisty psychological-themed manga.


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