Ouran is ending!

One of my all-time favourite manga is coming to an end. Boohoo. But then again, after coming close to about 17 volumes, it is about time that Hatori Bisco end it before it gets too lengthy and dull. Might as well end it while it is still in the height of its popularity or so some say.

In the 80th chapter (if you have read it), Haruhi finally said those three important words to Tamaki and the moment her feelings towards Tamaki is made known, it is an obvious sign that this series is coming to an end. After all, wasn’t the last 16 (or 17?) volumes is mostly about the denseness of both Haruhi and Tamaki in regards of their feelings towards each other? Didn’t we all went “come on, Haruhi/Tamaki! It’s obvious that he/she loves you!”? At least I did. But when Haruhi finally confesses to Tamaki, I felt rather bittersweet. I wished that the series would go on longer but at the same time, I wished that the author should wrap this one up and perhaps continue with her previous work about a vampire, a werewolf and a human girl (who has become a vamp herself) that she left on hiatus due to Ouran’s popularity. The title was Millennium Snow if you recall.

On a side note, it is because of Ouran that I’m hooked on mangas and animes. I have watched a fair share of animes before Ouran but it was Ouran that rekindled my lost interest in animes and because of the anime, I started getting hooked on the manga series mainly because I needed to know what happens next even after the anime ended. Am definitely going to miss the Host Club gang.

With that being said, let us all bid adieu to Tamaki, Haruhi, and the rest of the Host Club gang.


My thoughts on the possible ending:

  • Haruhi graduates from Ouran, went to law school and became a lawyer;
  • Tamaki takes over his family’s company and continue making fortunes;
  • Kyouya makes a name of himself in the business world and becomes Tamaki’s business partner;
  • The twins became professional makeup artists/designers;
  • Mori continues as Honey’s shadow;
  • And of course, Haruhi and Tamaki would get married 😀

More info Here.


Note: The image above was taken from the internet.


2 thoughts on “Ouran is ending!

  1. HM says:

    omg didnt know the manga has yet to end since the anime itself is so short. I hope there will be a 2nd season for the anime.. Meanwhile, I guess I shall start reading the manga as much as i hate reading manga without colours

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