Cynical Orange Volume 9 [Final]

Cynical Orange turned out to be more melodramatic than I thought…not my usual cup of tea but it’s bearable enough and it’s also one of my favourite Yun Ji Un work (other than Dear Waltz) mainly because of her beautiful artwork (you just got to love her bishounens).

In the beginning…

…we see the main character Hye Min being unusually clingy towards her “brother” vice versa. Of course, to add more drama into the story, Shin Bi became her brother when their parents remarried. Seeing as their situations are somewhat similar – both are loners who have no one to depend on.

As they grew up, they became dependant on each other, more so on Shin Bi’s part although he is extremely good at hiding it. He became so obsessive of Hye Min that he would do anything to keep her to himself to the point of filling her head with nonsense that makes her distrustful of anyone around her. That worked as at the end of the day Hye Min believed that she has no need for anyone other than her “oppa”.

Isn’t obvious that Shin Bi doesn’t look at Hye Min as his sister at all? He too realize this but chose to keep it that way so that Hye Min would still stick to him. Ingenious, ain’t? That is, until Hye Min caught Ma Ha’s attention.

The conclusion…

In terms of melodramatic-ness, it has been soft-core up till now when the drama gets more intense and twisty as Ma Ha learns the truth of the nature of Shin Bi’s relationship with Hye Min. Well, at least half of it until Hye Min confessed that she has been aware of Shin Bi’s un-brotherly feeling towards her all along. The only reason that she did not reject his affection is her fear of losing him. That makes her as twisted as Shin Bi and selfish towards Ma Ha who loved her despite her flaws. Adding into the “twisty” mix is So Ryu who was in love with Shin Bi knowing that he is in love with Hye Min. Her love for Shin Bi is so much that she is willing to give him up to Hye Min as she believes that Shin Bi might crumble without Hye Min. When Ma Ha gets serious about Hye Min, she persuaded him to give her up to Shin Bi.

(What the heck, she could have tried her best to snatch Shin Bi’s attention from Hye Min to her rather than pushing him deeper into the “abyss”)

The drama reached the climax when Hye Min confronted Shin Bi and told him that she is unworthy of his affection (or something like that). Too distraught when the truth is out in the open (the part where he kept his feelings towards Hye Min hidden and Hye Min knowing it all along), Shin Bi ran off. Hye Min was about to go after him but was stopped by Ma Ha who made her choose between him and Shin Bi…

Meanwhile, Shin Bi who was depressed after what happened decided to end his life that day, or rather, he lost his will to live as a large truck ran over him, killing him instantly (now I know why this manhwa is labelled as “tragedy” in Baka-Updates site).

Upon learning the news of Shin Bi’s untimely departure, Hye Min broke down and became depressed and even suicidal by going to the place where Shin Bi was killed in the accident. She broke it off with Ma Ha believing that Shin Bi’s death is their fault and had she reciprocate Shin Bi’s feeling, things might not have end that way. Since then, they have gone separate ways but still, Ma Ha vows that he will wait for her until she is ready (aww…).

Several years later after Shin Bi’s death, Ma Ha has since gone abroad to study but apparently, he is still in touch with So Ryu. As for Hye Min, she has finally started to pick up the pieces and move on with her life. She is still very much in love with Ma Ha but thinking how she has treated him, she doubt that Ma Ha will come back to her. But as fate has it, Ma Ha has indeed came back for her…

And they live happily ever after 😀


Well, that was unexpected. Wouldn’t it be much better if Shin Bi just give up on Hye Min and channel his love towards So Ryu who was always by his side? Sheesh…I had even thought that maybe, just maybe Hye Min will choose Shin Bi over Ma Ha (just like when Hagu chose her cousin over Morita but that was entirely a different story…). But I guess, they were not meant to be…but at the very least, the author let him live =.= Oh well…


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