Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 82

The highlight of this chapter is the long-awaited date for Haruhi and Tamaki and as expected from the host club gang, this date would not be any ordinary date.

This chapter opens with the usual Tamaki crazy antics (this is Tamaki that we’re talking about after all). It’s gonna be his first real date with Haruhi and he’s panicking over what to wear. Seeing Tamaki going all frantic over what to wear to his first date, his grandmother picked out something for him and it’s anything but normal. Luckily for him, the rest of the gang tagged along “discreetly” and helped him change in an instant.

Everything seems to be going smoothly until the appearance of the Zuka club (remember the cross-dressing girls who would stop at nothing to get Haruhi to join their club?). With the help of the gang, Tamaki ran off with Haruhi to their next destination – Haruhi’s late mom’s grave…to “tell” her that he is very much in love with Haruhi and to protect Haruhi in her pursuit to achieve her dream in becoming a lawyer just like her mother.

Haruhi has been offered a fully-paid expense student exchange program to the States – an opportunity not to be missed, obviously. With Tamaki’s words of encouragement, Haruhi is more determined than ever to achieve her dream and being someone worthy to stand next to Tamaki.


Seems that the chapter after this is the last one. Boohoo! As the saying goes, all beginning must have an end. Here’s hoping that after Ouran’s departure, Bisco Hatori-sensei will come out with yet another series as good if not better than this one.


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