Paradise Kiss Movie Adaptation

Paradise Kiss is one of those mangas that I picked up in the early years when I caught the manga/anime bug and it is certainly one of the few that I would call as my favourite. And now it’s getting a movie adaptation starring Kitagawa Keiko as the lead, Yukari and Mukai Osamu (woot! woot! Looks like he’s becoming a hot property these days) as the bad boy designer who snatched Yukari’s heart, George Koizumi.

If I remember correctly, the series’ about Yukari a high schooler who “stumbled” upon a bunch of fashion designers who persuades her to be their model. She relented and thus begins her modelling career. Somewhere along the way, she fell for one of the designers, George Koizumi who also happened to be one of those bad boy that you would want to have a fling with. Like the saying goes (not sure where I heard it from) girls want to have fun with the bad boys, but at the end of the day, they bring home the good boys…at the end of the series Yukari and George went their separate ways even though George did asked her to follow him. Their careers kicked off and they became successful in their own field – George Koizumi became a famous designer and she, the most-sought model. As for her love life, Yukari winded up with the man who used to have a crush on her while they were still classmates back in high school.

Ah…as I’m typing this post I’m thinking back of those carefree days when I lazed around reading mangas. One of these days, I’m definitely gonna reread Paradise Kiss (Nana was good too) and perhaps the anime too (which I have yet to watch).


On a random note, Hayate no Gotoku is getting a live action TV series in Taiwan. I wonder how would that turn out…


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