Hana to Akuma Chapter 58 – It’s the last one!

The wedding marks the end of Hana to Akuma. A “happily ever after” ending but of course, Vivi being a demon naturally outlives Hana who is a mere mortal with limited lifespan. Knowing that, Hana left Vivi with two children, a boy and a girl before she eventually passed on. Her death is a sad affair for Vivi but to Hana, she left the world as the happiest person in the world having spent her lifetime with her beloved Vivi till she breath her very last breathe.

Good ending or bad ending? To me, the way the author end this series is appropriate. With Hana’s eventual death, the ending seems more final and leaving Vivi with children is the best that she can do as she couldn’t possibly be with him eternally.

With that, it’s a farewell to Hana to Akuma and lets look forward to Oto Hisamu’s next series…


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