Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess)

Tsukimi is a jellyfish maniac ever since her mother took her to the jellyfish aquarium but what she really saw was jellyfish-like frilly dresses befitting a princess.

Girls will grow up to be beautiful princesses, or so her mother said but that’s definitely not the case with Tsukimi who grew up to be an otaku instead. On top of it, she’s now living in a women-only apartment with tenants who have similar interests; there’s the apartment owner’s daughter Chieko who is an obsessive doll collector. Touching one of her “daughters” (her dolls) will send her on a rampage; there’s Mayaya who’s obsessed with The Romance of Three Kingdoms to the extend of saying lines from the novel at every opportunity that she has; Banba who’s crazy about trains; and there’s one who is only interested in older gentlemen. That’s a bunch of fujoshis for you.

Tsukimi life was peaceful and comfortable until she met cross-dressing guy, Kuranosuke and ever since then, her life is filled with (mis)adventures. And she fell for a man for the first time too, and too bad for Kuranosuke who begins to think of her as cute, the man happens to be his brother, Shu, a politician. Her crush is not one-sided as Shu too, “fell” for her when he saw her after she has gotten a makeover from Kuranosuke. Too bad that Shu is just to dense to notice that the usual Tsukimi is the very same Tsukimi that he met. The best part of all is that Shu is not much different from Tsukimi with both being virgins and awkward with people of opposite sex. It’s like they are made for each other.

With Kuranosuke beginning to realise his feelings towards Tsukimi, will there be a love triangle between them? Or perhaps Shu will break Tsukimi’s heart for not accepting her fujoshi side? So, will there be a “Shukimi” or “Kurakimi” (what the heck am I blabbing about?)?


I can totally see why Tsukimi is having a major crush on Shu…he’s cute! Or maybe it’s just me who has a thing for glasses-wearing guys. Oh well…

Thanks to the anime, I’m now hooked on the manga series which the anime is based on.


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