Usagi Drop Anime Adaptation

Usagi Drop already has a drama adaptation. Watched first few episodes but it does not make much impression on me and I just stopped watching. I guess it’s just not living up to my expectations after reading the manga? Nah, I’m just being unfair. Will try to rewatch it when I have the time.

The anime adaptation (which was announced recently) on the other hand, is a whole different thing. It’s animated (obviously!) and it’s probably closer to the manga than the live-action drama would ever be.

My interest in Usagi Drop (the manga) peaked at volume 5 where Rin and Kouki are now high school students. At this time, Kouki seems to be in love with Rin but Rin doesn’t seem to be sharing the same feeling towards Kouki. What the heck?! To me, it looks like Rin definitely likes Kouki.


I’m definitely looking forward to watch the anime when it begins airing in this coming July.

Source: ANN


2 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Anime Adaptation

  1. Kaguya says:

    Actually… they are blood related. lol. Technically, Rin is Daikichi’s aunt blood-wise. So it’d still be wrong for them to be together. I want her a Kouki to end up together too! > <

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