[Anime] Beelzebub

Oga is the ultimate delinquent in a delinquent-filled high school. He is so violent that not even the third years can match up to him. One day, as he stumbled upon a man floating down the river. Filled with curiosity, he lifted the man to the riverside and the man splits in half revealing what seems to be a baby boy. Little did he know, this is no ordinary baby boy as he would find out later…

The baby boy appeared to be attached to him refusing to let him out of his sight. In an attempt to abandon the baby, Oga ended up getting toasted by the lightning that the baby emitted when he gets upset. All hell broke loose and with the appearance of Hilda, Oga’s situation isn’t improving. A couple of fiascos later, it is revealed that the baby boy, named Beelzebub is in fact the son of a demon king who has chosen him to be his father. Hilarity ensues. How perfect is that, a delinquent raising a demon child. Lol.

This is definitely one of my must-watch anime of this season. Hopefully it doesn’t end at the 12th episode.


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