xxxHolic Chapter 213 – The End?!

This series reached its climax when Yuuko disappears. Fast forward a couple of years later, Watanuki inherits the store and Doumeki graduated from college and becomes a professor’s assistant doing research work on folklore. A few customers later, this is pretty much it. Watanuki had the same dream for days but couldn’t figure out who the person/butterfly in the dream is. It’s Yuuko all right but in the end, it’s just a dream.

Yuuko’s not coming back and Watanuki knows that but somehow he’s not able to get over her as noted by Doumeki, holding an egg that was given by Yuuko (if I remember correctly) stating that it’s not the time to use it yet. I wonder, what’s the use of that egg? But I guess, it’s safe to say that it’s to help Watanuki forget Yuuko.

The end (what??!!).


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