[K-Drama] Playful Kiss

Give me one good reason why I should watch Playful Kiss. Kim Hyun Joong, answered my sis. Of course, that’s probably the answer that most fangirls would give. Seeing as I am quite free and lack of any interesting series to feast my eyes on (except for Grey’s Anatomy – I have never miss any of the episodes), I gave this series a watch – and I ended up enjoying every episode (especially the scenes involving Oh Ha-Ni doing nonsensical acts just to get what she wanted) 😀


Kim Hyun Joong stars as the perfect Baek Seung Jo who finds no difficulty in life and excels at every single area be it sports or academic. Heck, he even manage to pass the college entrance exam with flying colours when he almost pass out courtesy of Oh Ha-Ni and the flu meds that she fed him with on the day of the exam. One of his dislikes is “stupid people”.

Jung So Min plays the character Oh Ha Ni who never fails at annoying Baek Seung Jo with her declarations of love. To think that Baek Seung Jo is capable of grading and correcting Ha Ni’s love letter as if it’s an essay. As clumsy as she may be, she is honest to goodness and not to mention naive and when she wants something, she will put in her all into getting it (well, didn’t she got married to her beloved Baek Seung Jo in the end?).

Adding into the mix is Seung Jo’s mom who had wanted a daughter but ended up with two sons. She fell in love with idea of having Ha Ni as her daughter-in-law and does all she can to unite her son and Ha Ni. All the better when Ha Ni and her father moved in to Baek household when their house was destroyed due to an “earthquake” as both Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s dad are best pals.

Other notable characters:

  • Eun Jo, Seung Jo’s younger brother who appears to be having brother-complex.
  • Bong Joon Gu who is in love with Ha Ni but alas, his love went unrequited.
  • Hye Ra who is equally brilliant as Seung Jo and is Ha Ni’s rival in love.
  • Kyung Soo, Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s senior. He’s definitely in love with Hye Ra who is in love with Seung Jo. Funny moment ensues when he joined forces with Ha Ni.
  • Jung Ju Ri and Dok Ko Min, Ha Ni’s best friends who is always at her side rooting for her.


Playful Kiss is definitely one of those shows that I would watch whenever I am down in the dumps…Ha Ni’s antics never fails to amuse me and it doesn’t hurt that the main guy is a total eye-candy.


4 thoughts on “[K-Drama] Playful Kiss

  1. Juji says:

    yeah.. it’s a really cute drama. Light hearted and sweet, just perfect to watch if you want to take a break from the ugliness of reality

  2. meteor says:

    the main reason i watch PK is KHJ, then i fall in love with the characters and enjoy the whole drama, a feel good Korean drama, far from the traditional tearjerker Korean dramas

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