[K-Drama] Mary Stayed Out All Night

Apparently, love is like a car crash. At least, that’s how Moo-Kyul (Jang Geun Suk) and Mae-Ri (Moon Geun Young) met, through a minor accident in which Mae-Ri knocked him down.

Mae-Ri’s having a tough life, having to defer her studies due to financial constraints thanks to her dad. For as long as she can remember, loan sharks were always knocking at her door. She was even kidnapped once by the loan shark when her dad fails to pay up. Even so, she still loves her father despite all the hardship that she has to go through.

As fate has it, her father’s childhood best friend, Jung-Suk crossed path with them again. He repaid her father’s debt but in return, Mae-Ri is to be married to his son, Jung-In (Kim Jae Wook). Her dad agreed to it in a heartbeat just to settle his debt. He may seem selfish at one glance but his reasons for his actions is just so that Mae-Ri could marry into a good family without having to suffer just like her mother. On that part, his intentions seem noble but really, in reality he is forcing Mae-Ri into a loveless marriage.

In order to put a stop to the marriage, she came up with a lie saying that she has gotten married with Moo-Kyul, her so-called love of her life. Surprisingly, Moo-Kyul who couldn’t care less agreed to her proposal with a condition that she must not fall for him.

As for Jung-In, his main goal is to get his first professional project up and running and to do that, he would need his dad’s funding, and daddy isn’t about to release those monies if he doesn’t marry Mae-Ri. For the sake of his career, he wouldn’t mind getting himself into a loveless marriage. As Mae-Ri put it, this marriage is just another business transaction to him.

When Jung-Suk found out about Mae-Ri’s marriage with Moo-Kyul, he came up with a 100-day proposal in which Mae-Ri is to spend her time with both guys (Moo-Kyul and Jung-In) and when the time is up, she has to choose one of them.

As the 100 day passes by, both men find themselves drawn to Mae-Ri’s kindness and her caring nature. And as if their situation isn’t getting any more complicated, Moo-Kyul’s actress ex-girlfriend Seo Joon enter the picture as the main actress of the new drama that Jung-In is producing and it doesn’t seem that she has gotten over him yet.

With two equally talented men with good looks to boot, I myself would be torn between those two. At one point I would be rooting for Moo-Kyul but as I watched more episodes, Jung-In started to display more humanity and I thought, wouldn’t Jung-In make a better husband than Moo-Kyul?

As of now, I have 4 episodes remaining to be watched. As much as I would want her to be with dashing Jung-In rather than “player” Moo-Kyul, I have a strong feeling that she will somehow end up with Moo-Kyul. And who knows, perhaps Jung-In realises that he has some feelings towards Seo Joon at the end of the day? I certainly hope that the final episode does not disappoint me.

P.S.: Will probably start reading the web comic in which this series is based on once I complete watching this.


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