Usagi Drop – Rin and Daikichi?!

Nope. I don’t think that I’m going to like the ending of this series. Rin and Daikichi? Word has it that Rin and Daikichi would end up together. I can sort of see this coming judging from Rin’s slight jealousy when she sees heartbroken Daikichi upon hearing the news that Kouki’s mom whom he had set his eyes on is getting married.

Come on, Kouki who likes her (not to mention that he’s much closer to her age-wise) is much more suitable than a 40 plus man who is like a father figure to her. But who am I to say this when I’m not in her shoes? Plus, it’s not like they’re blood-related. I guess, as long as they love each other in the right way, the age gap doesn’t matter.


I still very much prefer if the series ended with Rin marrying Kouki and have kids after graduating from college but alas, Rin and Kouki are just not meant to be, at least not in the author’s mind.

Anyways, there’s an anime adaptation of this series set to be aired in this coming July. I will certainly add this into my watching list.

Updated @ 17-July

In chapter 54, Rin’s biological mom revealed that Daikichi’s grandfather is not Rin’s biological father. She was only adopted meaning that there’s no blood relation between Daikichi and Rin and hence, she is free to be with him. Still, the age gap between them are huge. I guess, if Rin can fall for an older guy (who happened to be her father figure for many years) then love is definitely blind.

By the way, it appears that this is not the end as a sequel is in works. Hooray!


7 thoughts on “Usagi Drop – Rin and Daikichi?!

  1. Totally agree about the ending, such a disapointment… i’m still waiting for chapter 51 in manga fox, but it’s pretty clear where is heading. It feels like yotsuba marrying her adoptive dad. The series was really lost after the time gap. It became unrealistic and kind of forced in the plot and interactions between characters…

  2. well first of all it’s not a sequel… just a side story taking us back to rin’s childhood life…

    and second of all… at first it freaked and grossed me when daikichi and rin ended up together…

    if kouki were to confess to rin earlier this might not happen but what did kouki do?? he went out with another girl… that was his mistake…

    but this time i have to disagree with you… i think it’s not a bad ending… who cares with the age gap?? they’re not blood related so no problem… just that there’s still some parental feeling left that seemed to gross out a bit of their present relationship… but it was really a cute ending imho…

  3. neeta3 says:

    Doesn’t matter if there is no BLOOD relation, it’s the relationships that counts, they are father an daughter whether it’s by blood by adoption or lack of both. They have a father daughter relationship, to date anyone that has cared for you in that way (or for a man that has raised you in the way a dad looks after his daughter) is very wrong.

    That’s why reconstituted families and men having kids in their 60s and 70s aren’t a good thing, it confuses everyone, especially the children. Even if Grandpa wasn’t her dad, her mother and Grandpa himself made her believe he was (which was wrong of them) and this it does happen in real life.

    And another thing, if he had adopted her would she still think want/think its okay to marry him them? It’s the principle.

    In my mind, the ending is where it ended with the final episode in the series, with him reminiscent of all he’s been through, realising it’ll be hard to bring her up but that he can manage. That was a lovely ending.

  4. Kidv says:

    I was disgusted when I found this out. I expected childhood friends Kouki and Rin to end up together. Plus WTF Daikichi is like her frikin FATHER! The age gap doesn’t really bug me much but COMON! He frikin RAISED HER! The author must’ve been sniffing meth or something to come up with this sort of ending. I’m so glad that I didn’t buy the manga now, and I’m not reading this worthless story anymore, I hate disapointing endings. YUCK! Great now I have to find another manga to read…

  5. Karen says:

    I actually have been rooting for the pairing from the very beginning ❤ I knew something was up….and then…the twist! Im just glad Rin and Daikichi get their happy endings that they deserve. 🙂

  6. Rararame says:

    Kouki was an cancerous faggot during the second part so pairing him with Rin is a definite no. It still doesn’t make the official pairing much more tolerable either.

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