Ouran High School Host Club J-Drama and more…

Ouran High School Host Club live action

This July will be a treasure trove of dramas to watch. I still couldn’t believe that it is possible to see Tamaki and Haruhi in action. Heck, I just couldn’t fathom the thought of it being adapted as live action series. A real life Tamaki? That I have got to see and oh, I see that actual living twin brothers has been casted as the Hitachin twins.

Japanese adaptation of You’re Beautiful

I do like the original series but as for this…hmm…<trying not to judge before watching this one>

Let me guess, (from left to right):- Shin Woo, Mi Nam / Mi Nyeo, Tae Kyung, and Jeremy. Looking at this makes me miss the original casts.

Hana Kimi remake 2011

Why remaking this one? Word has it that there’s a Korean adaptation in the making. Isn’t one is more than enough (no offense, Hana Kimi fans)? Nevertheless, I’ll give this a shot…who knows, this might be even better than the first one.


4 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club J-Drama and more…

  1. I was shocked to see how many good dramas that were going to come out in July! Though I haven’t really paid too much attention to Ouran High School Host Club, I’m going to watch it along with the Korean version of Hana Kimi whenever it comes out. But I don’t understand what the point of making a remake….in Japanese…of a Japanese drama. Makes no sense to me. And I’m watching You’re Beautiful right now so it’s really hard for me to imagine another cast. Plus, they remind me of chibis.

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