Blood C

Blood+ has been Clamp-ified. Not that it’s a bad thing.

If you ask me what’s the difference between Blood C and Blood+ (the series which this is based on), I would say that Clamp’s version of Saya is cheerful and outgoing high school girl compared to Blood+’s gloomy vampire Saya. Clamp’s Saya will be singing happy tunes right on the day after she slays some bloody monsters. Well, it’s quite unlike Blood+ but I am liking it so far.

Saya the cheerful monster-slaying girl:


Saya’s high school life

These two certainly reminds me of Momo and Maru from xxxHolic.

Saya’s potential love interest(s)?

Fumito, the owner of the cafe that Saya’s frequents.

Saya’s classmates, Tokizane and Itsuki. Now, why is it I am seeing Touya and Yukito here?

The other side of Saya:



I can see that the future episodes are going to be fun to watch. Too bad that there are only 12 episodes planned for this series.


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