Occult Academy & Ano Hana

Occult Academy

I have been meaning to watch this back when it started airing (I think it was around April?). But like Ano Hana, this anime was on my on-hold list for quite some time before I decided to finally watch them.

The story revolves around Maya and Fumiaki (coming from the future) racing against time to prevent the world from ending in 1999. To do so, they will have to find the Nostradamus key and destroy it but there’s one problem – they have no idea how it looks like or what it really is.

Occult Gakuen is a mixture of supernatural elements and scifi. I am not much of a scifi fan, but for some reason, I watched it anyways. The love-hate relationship between Maya and Fumiaki provides most of the comic relief throughout the series. As the story progresses, Maya seems to have taken a liking to Fumiaki. It’s sad really when Fumiaki had to sacrifice himself at the end when Maya really wanted him to stay on.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

They were self-proclaimed Super Peace Busters and were close as ever as children. When tragedy struck leaving them one member short, they started to drift apart consumed by guilt. Menma was the glue that held them together and with her gone forever, they fell apart. Jinta refused to attend classes in school and became a shut-in, Naruko was influenced by her so-called girlfriends although it seems that she do not agree with their ways, Yukiatsu became so twisted and much of his focus was put into studies and he attended an elite high school with Chiriko. Jinta was to follow them but he failed the entrance exam. And then there’s Poppo who did not attend school and instead chose to travel around the world and gain experience.

They each get on with their lives until one summer when Menma made her “ghostly” appearance (all grown-up no less) to Jinta. Apparently, she is still lingering in the world of the living due to one unfulfilled wish.

With this, the Super Peace Busters are reunited once more to fulfill Menma’s wish and secrets are revealed.

This original anime deals with death of loved ones and how the survivors cope. In this case, they blamed themselves for the death of Menma and lets not forget her parents who had to bury their young daughter and live on.


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