Crazy Coffee Cat

In many ways, I can see myself in her shoes…fresh out of college and unemployed, calling herself a coffee lover but cringes when asked how to make an instant coffee from Robusta bean. Well, I am no longer unemployed but I am still clueless when it comes to coffee. Yes, I must have at least one cup of coffee everyday to survive the entire day but if you ask me, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an Espresso and an Americano. Anyways, back to Crazy Coffee Cat (CCC)…

Yong Yra is fresh out of college seeking a job in a company dealing with coffee (that’s what I think seeing as she wrote “I am crazy for coffee!” in her employment application form). She was probably thinking that she won’t make it pass the interview so what the hell, hence the reason she mentioned in the application form. Oddly enough, despite her poor grades and not knowing the difference between Robusta and Arabica beans, she is miraculously hired. 

Shortly after receiving the good news that she got hired, she received a mysterious text message asking her to go to Cat’s Eye cafe. As soon as she turned up, she was being chatted up by the barista and was being given a lesson or two on coffee. It was there she had her chance encounter with the blue-haired guy with moustached complete with a top hat. Turns out the weird-looking guy is some celebrity. One thing led to another and she finds herself in an amusement park with him.


I must admit that if it wasn’t for the word “Coffee” in the title, I wouldn’t have click to view the details of this Korean web comic. What’s more, the artwork is being done by Choi Kyung-Ah who is one of my favourite manhwa author. Interesting stuff, even if you’re not so fond of coffee. After reading the latest translated chapter where Yong Yra is almost-kissed by the hunky blue-haired guy in the Ferris wheel, I am left craving for more. And hopefully, there will be more panels on Young Wang, the smart and good-looking guy who is also hired at the same time as her.


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