Paradise Kiss Movie

Yukari’s path is pretty much set already since the cold winter when she disappointed her mom when she failed her kindergarten entrance exam (seriously?!) – to ace the exams and earn a spot in a top college. With that in mind, all this girl does is study, study, and study.

Her routine came to an end the moment she was “scouted” or rather, kidnapped by a group of eccentric-looking art students. Apparently she has just the perfect body to model their clothes for their final year fashion show. As a student, she has to study for the upcoming entrance exam and has no time to spare for all that crap, she arrogantly told them off. If she thinks that it all ends there, she’s wrong.

After much persuasion from the eccentric lot, she gave in and fell for the “temptation”. Being an inexperienced first-timer, she made quite a blunder but with George’s encouragement, she made it through her first job as a model (part-time) and found herself enjoying every bit of it.

She went on to become one of the most sough-after model with George by her side as her lover.

If you have read the original manga in which this movie is based on, you would know that Yukari and George did not end up with each other. She married her high school crush, Tokumori. If you like some fans had preferred that she get together with George, by all means please do watch this movie adaptation of Ai Yazawa’s ParaKiss.


One thought on “Paradise Kiss Movie

  1. It was good movie ^^
    Truly, I was little afraid, because actors, but I was nice suprised. Mukai and Yukari was okay. And this clothes mmmm… some was amazing! <33

    BTW Igarashi was genius aa a women xD

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