Orange Marmalade Chapter 43

Behold, Jae Min’s rival in love…


Darn. Just when his relationship with Ma Ri begin to improve. I guess Jae Min will have to “battle” it out with Ma Ri’s betrothed, Si Hoo.

The drama doesn’t seem to end, eh? Lets not forget that Jae Min does not have a clue of Ma Ri being a blood-sucking vampire who finds his blood “tasty” just by his scent. There’s no guessing who will Ma Ri end up with who but I can’t help but wonder how would he react to the truth.


Orange Marmalade is probably the second web comic that I have read (the first being Cheese in the Trap but that’s another story for another time). Yet another vampire comic, I know but I can’t help being “sucked” into the story further and further.

Am looking forward to the drama that will ensue with the appearance of Ma Ri’s future husband.


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