[Anime] Another

I dig horror anime, especially Ghost Hunt which is one of my favourite so far. Shiki was so-so (probably because I’m not so much into zombie flicks). And oh, both are based on novels from the same author. Not so coincidently, the author’s husband also pens a horror story – Another.


Sakakibara Kouchi was transferred to a high school in rural Yomiyama from Tokyo while his dad works in India. His mom had passed on shortly after his birth. Due to his poor health, he was hospitalised for a while before attending school. During his hospitalization, he came across this girl with an eyepatch, Misaki Mei who seems to be heading to a morgue carrying a stuffed toy (or a doll?). Creepy…

Kouchi met the girl again in school. It appears that she is in the same class as he is but it doesn’t seem that the rest of the class notice her at all. From then on, we were led to believe that Misaki is a ghost and that only Kouchi is able to see her. And then a student (or those who are somehow related to that class – parents of the student, teacher, etc.) dies, and then another one each in a different fashion and it gets more gruesome each time. Something sinister is definitely at works in Yomiyama North middle school, class 3-3.


Interesting so far?

Why the title “Another”? Why is this so-called calamity is happening? What does it take to stop deaths from happening?

As of episode 11 (1 more to go), a former student of the fateful class has revealed via tape recording that the only way to stop this calamity from claiming more lives is to send the dead to death. In other words, kill the extra person who is supposedly dead as he had done so during his time. If the right person is killed, the calamity will stop and no one will remember the deceased.

Also revealed is, Mei has the ability to weed out who is actually dead and who isn’t. As of this episode, she has yet to reveal who is the dead.

I guess, we will have to wait until the final episode to know who is the “dead” and also if the calamity is stopped successfully.

Also, a live-action movie adaptation is set to be released some time this year (August I think).


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