[K-Drama] The King 2Hearts

With both main characters coming from North and South of Korea, most people would have thought that this is going to be similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. After 4 episodes, you would have realise that it’s not exactly the case. They are more like the couples who started off as enemies and winding up falling for each other. Anyways, here’s the story so far (as of episode 4):

Jae Ha (Lee Seung Kee, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) is the younger brother of the present king of South Korea with zero interest in politics. Notorious for being a playboy who does nothing good for the country even though he lives off the taxpayer’s money. Hoping that he would change for the better and also setting an example to the world that the north and the south can get along just fine, his brother sends him off as one of the Korean’s representative from the south in the WOC championship. Alas, his troublemaker days extends even when he is in the North Korea’s soil.

Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won, The Secret Garden) is hailed as one of the strongest woman (and even amongst the men) in the North Korean military service. As such, she finds difficulty in finding a guy who is willing to be her boyfriend at the age of 30. With no experience in love at this age, she gets rather desperate to the point of having any men is fine. That aside, she has been chosen to lead Korean’s representative in WOC from North and was reluctant thinking that it will make her less desirable to the men. In order to make her participate in this important event which will lead towards the unification of the north and south, the general promised her that in return of winning 3 contests, he will find her a man. And she agreed.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah ended up having to share a room since Jae Ha was intimidated by the muscular north Korean soldier. As expected, the two don’t get along and constantly at each other’s throat with Jae Ha being the impertinent one.  A spoilt brat he may be, he could be serious depending on the situation – for example, when the American and the Chinese came down for an investigation following a bomb incident, Hang Ah was forced to open her luggage for inspection, Jae Ha defended her knowing well that her luggage contains her undergarment which would be quite embarrassing episodefor her. He claims to have an IQ of higher than the average but chooses to play it down to avoid having to assume the throne as the king of South Korea.


Initially, I was thinking that I might just favour The Rooftop Prince over King 2Hearts but after watching 4 episodes of King and an episode of Rooftop Prince, I might just skip latter. Or if my time permits, I might just follow both series till the end.  Would certainly like to see how tough Hang Ah trains Jae Ha to be a man worthy to be called a king.


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