[K-Drama] The King 2Hearts – Final Episode

What a load of drama and some tearjerker moments as the series come towards the end. John Mayer aka Kim Bong Gu is sure one hell of tough nut to crack with his inferiority complex towards the 2 royal brothers. But really, do you have to kill the imperial guard, Shi Kyung? To us viewers, especially closeted fans of boring and inflexible man, this is a tragedy. What would Jae Shin do without her pillar of strength. Darn it. I who seldom cry at movies did shed a tear or two at the scene where Jae Shin watches the video recording that he (Shi Kyung) made before he left for “vacation” and eventually died in the line of duty. It was especially sad when Jae Shin told her parrot (or is it her imagination that Shi Kyung re-appear as a ghost?) that she’s going to this blind date and told him not to be jealous. *Sigh* Why did he have to die…

On the brighter side, his death has not come for naught as the once two separated nations are now united with the union of Jae Ha, the South Korean king and Hang-Ah the North Korean special forces agent. They have one cute little son who may or may not trigger a war just by calling her mom in North Korean slang. Sheesh.


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