Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Hazuki fell hopelessly in love at first sight with the flower shop owner, Rokka. Later on he found out that she still misses her dead husband but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. In order to get closer to her, he applies for a job at the flower shop. They got closer and Rokka invited him over to her place on one fine day. Lo and behold, he saw a strange half naked man at her house and that point he was ready to give up thinking that he (the strange man) could be the reason that she didn’t display any romantic interest in him. He was rather pissed as well thinking that Rokka is doing this on purpose. However, when he realised that this strange man is actually Rokka’s late husband who has yet to passed on to the “other” world, he became more determined not to lose to a dead man.

Shimao (Rokka’s late husband) turned out to be a first class annoying ghost. The moment he found out that Hazuki is able to see him, he makes it his personal mission to stop him from further advancing with his beloved Rokka-chan. Whenever Hazuki gets intimate with Rokka, Shimao would appear right in front of him and thus, Hazuki did not manage to get on to the next level with Rokka. Still, the occasional ghostly appearance did not deter Hazuki from trying to win Rokka’s heart.

It would look as if the ghost has won. However, when Rokka collapsed, Shimao could do nothing but to get Hazuki’s help. Realising that he is powerless in this kind of situation, he made a proposition to Hazuki to borrow his body for a while. Of course, who in the right mind would agree to such proposition…unless he/she is under the influence of alcohol. True enough, Hazuki (in his drunken state) recklessly agree to loan his body to this ghost who still misses his living wife.

For a couple of episodes, we see that Hazuki is hovering in the land of fairy tale where the princesses bore Rokka’s face while Shimao is messing around with his body (I wonder how would Hazuki react when he sees his new haircut courtesy of Shimao-kun). At the same time, Rokka is seeing Hazuki’s strange behaviour that reminded her of her late husband. Of course, she has no blinking idea that her Shimao-kun is currently residing in the younger guy’s body.


Crazy story isn’t? Hazuki must be so in love with his manager to get into this kind of situation. One would thought that a childless woman who lost her husband to illness is baggage-free…as it turned out, this is certainly not the case.

Dear Shimao-kun, as much as you love beloved wife, you must understand that to her, you are now her late husband who passed on at young age. If you truly love her, you should give her your blessings to move on with her life rather than living her entire life reminiscing about her husband who is no longer in this world (or at least, appearing in front of her).


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