[BL] Love Stage!! & Back Stage!!

I have read the works of Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi in the past but only as a casual reader, that is until I came across Love Stage!! and eventually, its spinoff, Back Stage!!.

Love Stage!!

Izumi is so dull and on top of it, he is an otaku who aspires to be a manga artist. At one glance, one wouldn’t think or believe that he is the youngest child in a famous showbiz family. His dad is a singer back in his heydays, his mom is an actress and his older brother is the lead singer of a rock band. With such high profile family, one would expect him to make a career in showbiz but due to a “traumatizing” showbiz experience as a child, he now doesn’t has any interest in showbiz at all. All this changes when he is reunited with Ichijou Ryouma who fell head over heels in love for him at first sight ten years ago when they starred in a commercial together not knowing that Izumi is in fact a boy.

This series is a must read (for BL readers), although it is certainly lacking of *ahem* scenes. My heart literally skipped a beat at the scene where Ryouma persistently profess his love for Izumi at every opportunity he gets. Also, the scenes where his doting brother in protective mode when Ryouma makes a move on Izumi are hilarious.

Back Stage!! (Novel)

Back Stage!! is much more mature compared to Love Stage!!. This time around, the main characters are Izumi’s rock star older brother, Shougo and Rei, an employee of his father’s showbiz company. Initially, Rei was in love with his father but seeing as he is happily married, he gave up and only watch from a distance. Shougo is aware of this but still loves him anyway. Shougo pursues Rei persistently and his effort eventually paid off.

This series is interesting in the sense that Rei isn’t the wishy-washy type of uke. He gets what he wants and isn’t afraid to voice out if ever he has the *ahem* need.


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