[BL] Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai

The term “trifecta” is currently abuzz among the fans of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi series. If you want to know what’s the deal with the whole trifecta thing, I would suggest you pick up this novel (if you read BL, that is).

And now, on to the story…

Yokozawa has always been in love with Takano Masamune but unfortunately for him, it went unreciprocated; all this time, Takano has only ever truly love one person – Onodera Ritzu. But this, is another story.

He thought that he might just give up on love until he woke up naked after a drinking night only to see a man in a bathrobe coming out of the bathroom. The man in question is Kirishima Zen, another well-known editor in his circle. Although nothing “untoward” happen that night, this meeting has certainly sparked something between those two.


Usually, I would be more interested in the couple of the main series (Takano Masamune x Onodera Ritsu; Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) but the love story between Yokozawa and Kirishima are fast becoming my favourite. I especially love how the three of them (including Kirishima’s daughter Hiyori) are almost a family.

Apparently, there’s no clear indication as on how long this series will go but I am definitely crossing my fingers hoping that there will be more books on this couple.


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