[Manga] Usotsuki Lily

If a guy dresses as a girl, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that this guy is a transvestite who likes men. But this is certainly not the case with Shinohara En who falls in love at first sight with Saotome Hinata. You see, En hates men and the sight of them repulses him to the extend that he dresses as a female so that he wouldn’t see his reflection as a man. A mere sight of him as a man is enough to drive him mad and he would crush the mirror(s) with his bare fist.

When En confesses to Hinata, he was dressed as a man and of course, Hinata was oblivious to the fact that En is the famous cross-dressing guy in their school. Well, who could blame her; En is gorgeous even as a man.

On the following day, En is back in his normal ways and Hinata was shocked for words when she sees him in a long wig and girl’s uniform. And what’s more, the female version of En was even cuter than most girls. She couldn’t take it at first and they broke off briefly only to go back to him later when she realises how much she likes him.

This series has lots of humour in it and the joke usually evolves around En and Hinata being seen as a lesbian couple. At one point, Hinata took a step further by dressing up as a man to match up with En. It’s sweet really, Hinata being understanding and accepts her boyfriend for who he is regardless of his cross-dressing ways. As for En, dressing as a girl doesn’t make him any less manly. Whenever Hinata is in a bind, he will come for her. He can be a knight in the shining armour when the situation calls for it…even while he is dressed as a girl.

Hmm…I wonder who will be wearing the white dress on their wedding day? Speaking of their wedding day (which will most probably happen since they are in a shoujo manga), I am now picturing En as the blushing bride in a pretty white dress with Hinata as the dashing bridegroom in black tux. LOL.


One thought on “[Manga] Usotsuki Lily

  1. Hello! I’ve also been reading UsoLily since last year. I got hooked, actually, because of the rom-com situations between Hinata and En. Plus everyone in the manga has his/her stories told. Have you read up to the latest chapter? Komura Ayumi-sensei is about to end it (or probably already ended it in Japan but the manga has not been completely scanlated). Let’s cheer for the happiness of everyone in UsoLily!

    P.S. I’m also curious about Hinata and En’s wedding. I wish En becomes the best man there is. 🙂

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