[Manga] Magnolia

This is a tale of a prince/princess who has a special condition where he/she is born without a clear indication of his/her gender.

It is said that Prince Ayato’s (he is living as a man for now) late mother had the same condition as well until she found love in Ayato’s dad. In summary, Ayato’s gender will be determined depending on the gender of the person whom he fell in love with, be it a female or male. However, until then, he will emit this strange flowery scent that makes everyone around him (male or female) going crazy over him. Amongst those who have been enticed by Ayato’s sweet flowery scent are Prince Hugo, his caretaker Nagi, and last but not least, his own brother (incest, eh…interesting).


From the looks of it, it seems to me that Prince Ayato will choose to be with Prince Hugo and become the queen of his (Ayato) nation based on the fact that Ayato seems to be drawn to Hugo. On top of it, Hugo did manage to get his first kiss. Personally, I too would have chosen Prince Hugo although Nagi would have been the perfect partner. Of course, Sui (his younger brother) is out of question seeing as both of them are blood-related. But then again, since we’re in the land of manga, one can always fantasize, eh?

So, will our dear Prince (or soon to be Princess) will marry the good guy (Nagi) or the bad boy (Hugo)?


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