[Manga] Ai wo Chodai

Maruyama Mie (or Marumie) is an up and coming idol.

The bespectacled Kandagawa-san is one half of the popular comedy duo Bunbun Phrase. And he is known to be a women-hater. As he related to Marumie later on, he lost his virginity while he’s still in middle school, to an older woman no less. His flings with older women doesn’t end well and this probably led him on the path of being an anti-women. However, that doesn’t stop our Marumie from pursuing him.

Marumie isn’t short of men falling for her either. There’s her childhood friend who came all the way from the countryside to pursue her only to find out that she’s crushing on the famous Kandagawa-san. He ended up living with Marumie until he finds success with modelling.

The president of her talent company is secretly in love with her as well. He’ll be fuming each time he hears that she’s with Kandagawa-san. Occasionally, he would abuse his authority as a company president to stop them from meeting up. Ironically, he has this policy of not dating company’s talent. 

Read this if you:

  • enjoy shoujo mangas
  • are a fan of Ooya Kazumi
  • have a thing for men in spectacles
  • like mangas with showbiz as the backdrop of the story
  • like happy (and sweet) endings
  • like romance with a bit of comedy here and there
  • like reverse harems (a woman surrounded by more than 1 men)

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