[BL] Super Lovers

Ren has been living among the wilds back in Canada. Thanks to Haruko who adopted him, Ren grew up educated and more knowledgeable compared to his peers. Well, it made sense since Haruko’s a PhD holder and a former scholar in Harvard. At present, she’s working as a nuclear scientist at CERN.

One fine summer, Haruko’s son, Haru (according to Haruko, the reason she named his son Haru is to spite her husband who will have to call his son who bears his ex-wife’s name) came to visit her in Canada. While he’s there, Haruko instructed him to “civilize” Ren, his new adoptive younger brother who has been living in the wilderness practically all his life. Alas, as the summer ends, Haru has to return to Japan. Ren who has became attached to Haru promised to live with him in Japan when he grows up.

Unfortunately, during his drive back home from the airport, he was involved in an accident which kills both his parents leaving him the sole survivor of the crash. He became comatose. A month later, he woke up with amnesia. Around this time, Ren showed up at his doorstep as his brother. His younger twin brothers weren’t too pleased of the new addition, especially the younger twin, Aki who often fought for his older brother’s attention. Whether they like it or not, Ren is here on the long haul and Haru is not about to let him go anytime soon.

As you might have guess it, their relationship went beyond siblings. After all, both of them are not blood-related.

My thoughts on this one:

The moment I started reading from the first chapter, I knew that there’s no stopping until I finish up to the latest available chapter. It’s not your usual BL where there’s at least one bed scene in every chapter. Their love story (albeit going at the slow pace) is sweet and endearing at times especially the part where Ren says that he feel “weird” every time he thinks about Haru. More so, since Haru kisses him on the lips at every opportunity he gets on the pretext that it’s the Canadian way of greeting. Greeting my head. Haru also has this protective streak (or a brother complex) when it comes to his youngest “brother”.


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