[BL] Doukyuusei + Sotsugyousei

Saijou and Kusakabe are one fine example of what you would call opposite attracts; Saijou is an honour student aiming for Kyodai (or Kyoto Uni, one of the prestigeous university in Japan) as opposed to Kusakabe an aspiring rockstar. Still, that doesn’t stop them for falling head over heels for each other.

Nakamura-sensei’s guys aren’t that pretty as far as BL mangas go. Her non-BL works have this gothic feeling, sometimes dark even. Same goes to her BL works but unlike some BL mangas with pretty boys, her Doukyuusei (and some of her other BL works) leaves a lasting impression on me, storywise. Indeed, there’s almost no guy-on-guy action that fujoshi would relish but the endearing love story between Saijou and Kusakabe really tug my heartstrings at times.

Even the side character Harasen (who eventually has his own story in Sora to Hara) who harbours a feeling towards Saijou who is his student is an interesting character. Kusakabe is very well aware of this and he gets jealous each time he saw them together. The part where Saijou reassures him by saying that his entire being belongs to only Kusakabe made me go "awww".

Doukyusei Sotsugyousei

And I absolutely gonna adore the sequel too. From the looks of it, it’s going to be a story on their lives after graduating from high school.



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